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Ways to Get Rid of Whiteheads on Nose and Chin Fast

Whiteheads or comedones are a kind of acne that occurs when the skin pores become clogged with bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells. The reason for clogging is primarily hormonal changes that in turn increase the oil production in your body. The whiteheads usually form on the T-zone that comprises forehead, nose, chin, and skin. While they can be quite upsetting, in most cases, making some changes to your lifestyle can help you get rid of them. In some advanced cases, you may need to seek a medical opinion. Here are some ways to bid goodbye to whiteheads fast and naturally.

Oatmeal scrub

You can make this simple scrub at home with just three ingredients. Mix one-third cup of oatmeal uniformly with one-quarter cup each of honey and brown sugar. Apply in small quantities on the affected areas and massage uniformly for some time. Follow up with a wash using warm water. Do this at least once in three days.

Facial steaming

This is one of the most common home treatment options for acne. But, make sure that the heat is only within your tolerable limits in order to avoid burns. The steam penetrates into the pores, thereby loosening the clogs and ultimately removes them. It is a good idea to do a facial steaming at least once every day.

Apple cider vinegar

All you need is a few cotton balls and a bowl with some apple cider vinegar. Dip the ball into the vinegar and apply on the areas affected by acne. It is worth noting that the vinegar is acidic in nature and may cause burning sensation if you have very sensitive skin. If you experience this, stop trying out this method and opt for a suitable alternative.

Lemon juice and rind

Like the above method, you will need a few cotton balls. Slice a fresh lemon and squeeze the juice out of it. Mix the juice with equal quantity of water. Dip a cotton ball into this solution and apply gently on the affected areas. You can also rub a lemon rind mildly on these areas. But, do take care not to overdo this application as lemon has been known to dry the skin in some cases. It is advisable to resort to this application only once a day.

Coriander leaves

Grind some fresh coriander leaves into a coarse paste with some water and turmeric powder. Apply this paste over the whiteheads. Do this at least once a week, and you can get rid of both white and blackheads.   

Aloe vera

Squeeze the gel out the aloe vera leaves and apply it on your face after you follow the normal cleansing method. Doing this regularly keeps your skin not only moist but also smooth and supple.

Sandalwood powder and rose water

Make a paste using sandalwood powder and rosewater and apply it on your face. Wait till it dries completely and then washes off. This mixture also gives your skin a soothing and cooling feel.

Sugar and olive oil

Add a few drops of olive oil to a teaspoon of sugar and mix well. Use a cotton ball or a soft toothbrush to apply the mixture on the face. Let it stay for about 10 minutes before washing off with cold water. Repeat this process once every week.

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