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What is Trust in Relationships?

What is Trust in Relationship?

Why do some couples have confidence in the relationship, while others don’t? Some live in perfect harmony, while others constantly “test feelings,” are jealous, and so on… The fact is that people quite often have some special requirements for relationships. It seems to many that there is some kind of standard, and they keep some list in their heads, that is, what should happen in order for the relationship to be considered ideal. And if one of the partners does something wrong, then suspicions appear: “You don’t love me,” “You have someone else,” and so on. Suspicions arise from fear.

What is Trust in Relationship?

“In any Relationship, Trust is more important than Love. It Will Enhances Your Love Life.”

Where does fear come from in a relationship?

The reason for 90% of any fears is uncertainty. Fear is a derivative of uncertainty. People often talk about anything, but not about the most important. Many avoid talking about their feelings, emotions, and aspirations. As a result, people live side by side, are dating someone with kids but, in fact, they know nothing about each other. They can’t predict the behavior of each other, which leads to doubts and fears. In romantic films, it is interesting to discover something new in a loved one. In fact, such discoveries arouse interest, but not trust. Interest is important at the initial stage of a relationship, but not when the relationship goes on a long-term track. In such a situation, a “mystery” in a close person causes only fears.

What is the basis of trust in a relationship?

Trust is based on confidence, predictability, and stability. To better understand the basis of trust, let’s move for a second from to a more understandable topic of discussion. Which bank would you choose for a deposit? I can suggest that it will be the one that has a good reputation and a long history, with a transparent financial policy, which can provide some guarantees. The same is with a relationship. Most likely, you will not want to build a relationship if you don’t trust a particular person.

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