Traditions and Rituals

Tamil Brahmin Ritual: “Oonjal Vaibhavam”

Oonjal Vaibhavam

The couple are made to sit on the “Oonjal” or swing which is rocked gently. The swing’s oscillating motion is a message to the couple that they must stay strong together during the challenges and joys of life. Relatives and friends sing auspicious songs, blessing the couple. Lots of mirth and fun is had during this ritual. They are offered milk and bananas and the ladies from both the families throw colored rice balls in four directions to ward off evil spirits. The groom is then asked to hold the right hand of the bride, and lead her to the marriage Dias. This ritual also signifies support of that family and friends during the couple’s married life. The tradition is basically to ease their tension of marriage and make them comfortable.

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