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Rose Water Skin Benefits

Rose water is a magic potion and is a must in your beauty regime, as it is famed for its skin benefits. It can be used to for any type of skin, whether oily or dry or a combination type. Its usage dates back to when Cleopatra, the Egyptian beauty queen, used it in her skin care regime.  Rose water can be used for beautiful skin, great looking hair and also healthy eyes.

Benefits for Skin

Rose water is anti-inflammatory and helps in eliminating acne and eczema. It cleanses the skin, removes the oil and accumulated dirt that clog the pores, thereby revitalizing and hydrating the skin and giving it a fresh look. It has antioxidant characteristics that can strengthen the skin cells and regenerate tissues of the skin. Its astringent properties tighten capillaries and reduce blotchiness of the skin.

Rose Water for Acne

Acne is mainly caused due to the excess of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands on the skin. Rose water can be used for this problem, as it clears the acne and also helps in fading of the scars left behind by acne bursts. It can be used combined with sandalwood paste, lemon juice, cucumber water or honey as well to solve acne problems. It dries out the acne and lightens the scars.

The Vitamin E in rose water helps moisturize the skin and adds a defensive layer to the skin, thereby preventing bacteria formation.

Rose Water for Hair

Rose water can stabilize the pH balance of the hair and can repair damaged hair. It has antiseptic qualities and reduces dandruff caused by fungus. It also promotes the growth of hair, due to its stimulating properties. It is used in shampoos as well as conditioners is a simple way to incorporate it into your hair care regime. Rose water can also be mixed with some jojoba oil and massaged into wet hair before washing the hair with shampoo.

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Rose Water for Eyes

Rose water has antibacterial as well as antiseptic properties that can cure eye problems arising due to dust and pollution as well as the use of makeup. It reduces eye fatigue and relaxes your eyes. Rose water can also be used for clearing the dark patches around the eyes, which could be caused due to suntan or the lack of sleep.

Dip cotton in rose water and place them over the eyes for around fifteen minutes before cleaning them. You can also rinse your eyes with rose water to get relief from tired eyes. Dip cotton pads in a mix of milk with rose water and pat it over the eyes to get rid of dark circles. A few drops of rose water can also be dropped into each eye to offer relief from red or inflamed eyes.

Cooking and Drinking Rose Water

Rose water contains vitamins A, C, E and B and is a cure for depression and sore throats. You can use it in cooking by making rose water tea, as it hydrates the body and cools it. Food and drink that contain rose water can soothe and cool the body during summer. Drinking rose water also prevents aging of the skin, reduces wrinkles and lightens the dark spots. It relieves stress and enhances your mood. It cures colds and flu and can assist in respiratory problems.

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