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Benefits of Papaya for Skin and Hair

Papaya is a tasty fruit with many benefits. Apart from working wonders on your skin and hair, it is also excellent for your all round development. If you do not like to have it as it is, you can consider having it as a juice. One of the best facts about this fruit is that it can be had safely by even diabetics. The bulb-like shape gives the papaya a distinct look. It has many small seeds inside that are inedible like the outside skin.

How to use papaya for skin whitening

Apart from food, if you look up online, you will find millions of resources telling you how to use papaya for skin whitening. Peel the papaya and massage the peels on your face, hands, knees and elbows. Leave it on for half an hour and rinse in cold water. There are good chances of seeing instantaneous results. Periodic use results in eliminating tan and also arresting hair growth.

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How to apply papaya on face

If you are wondering how to apply papaya on the face, the answer is that it is very simple. There are many commercial face packs that rely on papaya as one of its key ingredients. At home, you can make a lump-free puree using the inside flesh of a ripe papaya. Add some honey and lemon juice to it. Clean your face like how you usually do and apply the mix. Let it stay for nearly quarter an hour and wash thoroughly with cold water.

Benefits of applying papaya on face daily

There are umpteen benefits of applying papaya on face daily. One among them is that the richness in water content in the papaya keeps the skin moisturized and also smooth and soft. This lessens the chances of being prone to acne and pimples. Another key benefit is that it tends to keep you looking young and lessens the signs of aging on the face.

Benefits of papaya for weight loss

This one is for obese people. One reason for them to consider this fruit is benefits of papaya for weight loss because it is a low-calorie fruit. If you include papaya as part of your diet in all your meals for two days in a week, you will begin to notice the difference. But, you have to follow the rigid routine continuously for two months. You can have the fruit in different forms like a glass of juice, cut slices or cubes in a salad.

Papaya for hair removal

If you are looking for natural ways to remove excess hair from your body, papaya is here to provide the solution. One of the less known benefits of the fruit is papaya for hair removal. Raw papaya works better in this case. Blend some raw papaya to a fine paste and add a little turmeric powder to it. Apply the mixture to the area you want to remove the hair and wait for it to dry. Once it has dried up, remove the paste by scrubbing it off. It is recommended to use this scrub every week. Alternatively, you can also add some gram flour and aloe vera to the above paste.

Papaya for skin pigmentation

The wonder fruit has excellent skin lightening properties. Thus, it goes without saying that you can definitely use papaya for skin pigmentation. Additionally, the beta-carotene, phytochemicals, and enzymes in papaya help in removing blemishes from the skin. All you need is a few tablespoons of papaya juice and some cotton balls. Soak the cotton balls in the juice and apply on the desired areas. Wash of with cold water after letting it stay for around 15 minutes.

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