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Home Remedies to Prevent Grey/White Hair

Premature aging is becoming a common problem these days. Both men and women are experiencing this problem in increasing numbers with each passing day. There are many signs that indicate the aging process. One among them is grey or white hair which may be hereditary. While this may not be a cause of concern to everybody, there are some people who do not like their hair looking gray. The article given here is for such people who are looking for home remedies to avoid the occurrence of grey or white hair. Some of these suggestions also help in converting already present gray hair to their natural black color.

Black tea

This is a very simple remedy and requires only two ingredients – a couple of teaspoons of black tea leaves and water. Boil the leaves in water and allow cooling to room temperature. You can also consider adding some salt to the decoction. Remove the leaves and apply the tea on your hair. Brush your hair so that the tea spreads uniformly. Wash off with cold water after about an hour. Avoid using shampoo when you try out this remedy.

Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice

Take enough coconut oil to cover the entire length of hair. Squeeze three tablespoons of lemon juice into the oil and massage on the scalp. Also, apply throughout the hair length. Let it stay for an hour and wash off with cold water using a mild soap or shampoo. This mixture not only keeps the hair black but also shiny and soft.

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Coconut Oil and Curry Leaves

This is another combination using coconut oils. Boil a few curry leaves in coconut oil and cool to room temperature or slightly warm when can be comfortably applied. Remove the leaves and apply on the whole length of hair and scalp. Allow it to remain on the hair for an hour before washing off with shampoo.

Indian gooseberry

Chop the fruit into small pieces and boil in coconut oil till the pieces turn black. Allow it to warm a little and apply the oil like mentioned above. Alternatively, you can use a decoction made with the gooseberry. Soak a few pieces in water for a couple of hours and add a spoon of eucalyptus oil. Keep the mixture in an airtight iron container overnight. The next day, add an egg, curd and lemon juice to the decoction and apply the mixture.


Consuming a tablespoon of grated ginger that is mixed with a tablespoon of honey everyday has been known to arrest the hair graying problem.

Guava leaves

The leaves of the guava plant are also known to bring relief to gray hair problems. Grind a few leaves and apply the paste on your scalp. Do this as often you can. This will prevent the graying process. Additionally, it will blacken the already present gray hairs.

Biotin rich foods

Biotin is known to delay the occurrence of gray hair. So, include as much biotin as you can in your diet. Foods that can help you with the intake of biotin are almonds, cow’s and goat’s milk, egg yolks, soy milk, walnuts, carrots, oats and cucumbers to mention just a few.

Rosemary and sage

A combination of these herbs does wonders to your hair. Both of them prevent premature graying. While rosemary lessens hair fall and triggers hair growth, sage helps in getting rid of dandruff and itchy scalp.  

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