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Home Remedy for Dark Circles

According to many dermatologists, dark circles under the eyes are the most common skin problem after pimples and acne. Both men and women are equally prone to this problem. There are many reasons why this periorbital hyperpigmentation occurs. Some common causes for dark circles are stress, a late night, broken capillaries and iron deficiencies. In some cases they also occur due to allergies, genetics or excess consumption of salt that leads to water retention. However, the good news is that dark circles are not harmful although they may define the perception others and you carry about yourself. Interestingly, you can get rid of dark circles without expensive parlor treatments using basic household stuff.

Cucumber slices

A couple of thick cold cucumber slices can help you to a large extent. Keep a slice over each eye at the end of the day before you retire to bed. Follow this practice without a break for as many days as you can. The skin lightening properties of cucumber can not only help in removing the dark circles but can also keep you rejuvenated. You can continue using the slices on a daily basis after the circles have gone.

Potatoes or tomatoes

Using these vegetables can help in removing dark circles formed due to pigmentation because of their ability to lighten the skin. All you need to do is to dip two cotton balls deep into the juice of the chosen vegetable and squeeze out the excess juice. Rest the damp balls over your eyes and let them stay for at least 10 minutes. Wash off with cold water. To get the juice from a potato, you need to grate it, while just squeezing a tomato will help in this regard.

Coconut oil and almond oil mixture

Take equal quantities of coconut oil and almond oil and mix well. Apply this mixture around the eyes and massage gently in a circular pattern. Allow the oil to remain for about an hour before washing off. It is recommended that you do the application daily. To save time, you can consider making this mask for a week and refrigerate it.

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Herbal tea

If you are a lover of herbal tea, then think once again before disposing of the used tea bags. Refrigerate them and keep them over the dark circles after giving the eyes a gentle massage. The bags have been proved to lighten the areas surrounding the eyes greatly.

Mint leaves

For quite a long time, mint has been known for its refreshing properties and stimulating scent. Fresh mint leaves can also help you get rid of those troublesome dark circles. All you have to do is to crush some leaves with water to form a paste and put it on the affected areas. After waiting for 10 minutes for it to dry up, rinse with cold water. If this is done every night without a break for a week, then you will most definitely notice awesome results.

Rose water

Rose water has always been an indispensable part of a makeup kit because of its beautifying properties. Soak a couple of cotton balls into this water and keep them in the dark circles just before you call it a day. After 15 minutes, remove the balls and wash your face with cold water. Doing this repeatedly for a month can bring noticeable results.   

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