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Home Remedies to Remove Tanning Permanently

Though some people like to sport a tanned look, there are others who loathe it and are looking for how to remove sun tan from their bodies. Tanning makes the skin look darker and it occurs when you expose the skin to the harsh UVA rays of the sun. Here are some natural methods for removing tans on the face, neck, arms, feet and lips permanently.


Strawberries, when combined with milk, offer the best answer for how to remove tan from hands and feet. It is soothing to the skin and milk is one of the best cleansers and toners. Just crush a few strawberries and mix it with milk cream. You can apply it to the hands and feet and even on the face or neck, for those looking for how to remove tan from the neck.

Saffron and Milk

If you are in a hurry and want to remove the suntan before the party coming up the next day, there are several natural ways of removing a tan quickly, with easy solutions for how to remove suntan from face overnight.

Saffron makes the skin fairer in a short time, so it is the perfect answer for how to remove suntan from face overnight. It helps remove blotches as well and is a great toner. Just blend saffron with milk cream and then apply it on the face or the neck. Leave this paste on overnight and then wash it off in the morning. It also helps prevent the formation of pimples on the face and neck.

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Sour Curd

When wondering how to remove tan from feet or hands, sour curd could prove to be very effective. It is a bleaching agent, so just apply it generously over the tanned area and then wash off after thirty minutes. Chilled yoghurt can also be mixed with the juice of mint leaves and applied to the feet and the hands. The lactic acid in the yoghurt reduces skin tan and pigmentation. Mint juice is useful for soothing the inflammation caused by sun rash or sunburns.


Tomatoes contain citric acid in then and are a natural answer for how to remove tan from the neck. The pulp helps in reducing pigmentation and tones up the skin, opening the pores. Apply a thick pulp on the face and the neck and then wash off after twenty minutes using cold water.

Solution for Tanned Lips

If you are looking for answers on how to remove tan from lips, there are plenty of home remedies to do just this, giving you the rosy and pink lips that you always admired. Scrub some sugar around the skin on the lips, doing it for a few days repeatedly in order to get rid of the tan.

A few drops of the juice of beetroot can also do the trick, offering a luscious and pink color to the lips. Olive oil is another effective that moistures the lips and reduces the tan on it. Lime juice is also beneficial. Just massage a few drops on the lips and you will see the tan removed in a very short time. Rose oil, honey, raspberry, coconut oil, almond oil and petroleum jelly are also very useful while considering how to remove tan from lips.

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