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Beauty Tips for Face Whitening

A fair complexion or light skin is the dream of almost any woman irrespective of her age. There are many beauty parlors that offer specialized treatments for this. However, these treatments more often than not come attached with a hefty price tag. Moreover, you will have to follow up on them periodically and will mostly end up paying a huge bill for each visit. When there are some simple beauty tips for face whitening that you can try on your own, why do you have to look for expensive options?

Homemade face whitening

There are various homemade face whitening tips that you can try out in the comfort of your home at a time that is convenient to you. To follow them, you will need a few face packs or related items that you can easily make with ingredients that you almost always have at home. This way, you can be sure of not subjecting your face to harmful chemicals that are likely to be found in store bought products.

Next time you finish eating a juicy orange, don’t throw the peel away. Collect the peels of a few oranges and dry them under the sun till they turn crisp and can be powdered easily in a blender. Once you have the powder ready, take one tablespoon of this and mix well with an equal quantity of fresh yogurt to form a smooth paste. Apply this paste uniformly. Repeat this homemade face whitening tip thrice a week and you will begin to get the desired result. You can optionally add a tablespoon of sandalwood powder to the above paste.

Milk, lemon juice, and honey is yet another wonderful face whitening product combination. Mix one tablespoon each of milk and lime with a teaspoon of honey. Apply the mixture on your face. A pumpkin mask also helps in face whitening. Make a pumpkin puree by boiling a few pieces and blending it. Take two teaspoons of the puree and add half a teaspoon each of milk and honey. Stir to get an even paste. Apply the paste uniformly on your face.

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Face whitening tips home remedies

There are a couple of things that you must keep in mind when you opt for homemade face whitening tips. Firstly, you must always remember to clean your face thoroughly before you apply any homemade face pack of your choice. Secondly, do keep in mind that you should not wash off the pack immediately. Let them stay in the face for close to half an hour for best results. While home remedies are very less likely to cause any skin problem or irritation on your face, remember to wash off the pack if you do happen to face any such issue.

Home remedy for skin whitening in 3 days

Often, home remedies for skin whitening take a little longer to start showing the desired effect than their chemical-based counterparts. Yet, some homemade packs give the preferred result faster than others. You may want to consider using these packs if you want to experience skin whitening in 3 days.

One such fast acting home remedy for skin whitening in 3 days is to use a rice flour paste. Make this paste by mixing rice flour with just the required amount of milk. You can also add some tomato pulp and honey. For two tablespoons of rice flour, you can add one tablespoon each of honey and tomato pulp. The PABA agent in rice flour acts as a very good sunscreen agent and also makes your skin supple with its exfoliating properties. The rice flour also removes excess oil from your face and keeps it free of acne and pimples.

Natural beauty tips for face whitening

All the above-mentioned methods are some of the best natural beauty tips for face whitening. The Internet is a very good resource for you to look up on if you need more such tips. The best thing about using such natural beauty tips is that you know the contents of the packs and can avoid packs containing ingredients that you are allergic to. Moreover, you can make them just before application time and thus be assured of using a fresh pack instead of chemical based packs which have to be discarded after their expiry dates.

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