Questions to Ask a Girl Before Marriage

When a marriage is fixed, it is usually advisable for both the prospective partners to know each other as much as possible before the occasion. This is especially true in case of arranged marriages because it is not likely that the man and woman have known each other before. There are many questions that a man would like his to be wife to answer before they tie the knot. Some of these likely questions are given below.

What are your hobbies, favorite cuisine, lifestyle etc?

This is generally an ice breaker question just to get the conversation between you both started for the first time. If she is a shy person, these questions will in almost all probability put her at ease and make her start talking to you. You can also ask any other general question like this.

How important are traditional values to you?

This may sound silly but it is quite important to know your community’s tradition is to you. If you are all about modernity but your girl prefers to embrace only traditional values all the time, then you may experience some compatibility issues.

Would you like to work after marriage?

More and more women have started taking on the role of working women these days and would like to continue doing so after marriage to retain their independence. So, you had better get this sorted out before marriage if she would prefer to continue working. If you would be staying in a different city from her workplace, discuss with her about quitting from her present job and taking up a new one in your place of stay. The answer to this question may also tell you whether she values family or work more.

What are your commitments to her family?

While this question may not seem relevant to you, it can actually help you understand two things. First, you will get to know her financial obligations to her parents like you, if she has any. Second, it will give you an insight on how she values family relationships.

What are your views on parenting?

This question will answer your doubts on how soon she is ready to embrace motherhood after marriage. She may also tell you how many children she would like to have and the responsibilities you are expected to share while raising the kids.

How do you like to save and spend money?

This query can tell you if she loves being extravagant or saving for a rainy day. While it may not matter if you earn a fat paycheck, it may be a good idea for you to have a life partner who lives within your means. This is applicable even if she is working and you have two salaries to take care of your expenses.

What is your idea of spending time alone and with friends?

This question will help you understand how she values relationships outside family and how much she enjoys the company of her friends to have some fun time. You can also use this question to know the value of ME time to her.

Do you enjoy traveling and which places would you like to visit?

If the answer to this question is yes, and you have been bitten by the travel bug yourself, you can decide on the places both of you could visit together as man and wife. The first place could be even the place you would like to go on your honeymoon.

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