Questions to Ask a Guy Before Marriage

It is always a good idea for the boy and girl to know as much as possible about each other before marriage. This can to a certain extent prevent compatibility issues and failed relationships later. It also helps in strengthening the bond between the couple and respecting each partner’s preferences. As a woman it is only understandable that you will have your own apprehensions as you will be moving out of your home to start a new life with someone you do not know. These are some questions that you may want your prospective husband to answer before you commit yourself to a relationship with him.

What is your nature of work and the responsibility that it entails?

This can help you understand how workaholic the guy is and what his profession expects out of him. It may also help you determine how much time he will have for the family after work.

Do you smoke and/or drink?

These may not be a problem to all women. But, do remember all of them are not the same. So, there is no need for you to be apprehensive about asking your likely life partner this question. If you are against them, it is always better to know before marriage than be shocked to find out later that he indulges in them.

Will you consider my family as your own?

The question can be important if you want to assess how the guy values family relationships. It can also help you analyze how he respects his own family members. Moreover, if he does, you can be assured of his support to help your family in times of need.

What are your views on parenting?

Often, soon after birth, the new mother is confronted with a whole lot of responsibilities. Although there are some areas like feeding where the dad cannot help, he can help out with simple tasks like changing the soiled diapers. You can discuss with him about such tasks and find out how willing he is to share the responsibilities of parenting with you.

How would you like to spend the weekend?

An answer to this question may be important if both of you are working or he spends long hours at work during the week. The weekend may then be the only time you get to spend some quality time with each other. So, this question will most probably give you an idea if both of you have the same idea of spending your free time.

How important are special days to you?

If you are someone who gives importance to occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries, then there is a very good chance that you would like your partner to give them due consideration as well. It would be wonderful to look forward to such occasions and surprise him with a gift as a token of your love.

What are your views about handling household finances?

If you are not working, then the household expenses will most probably be taken care of with his income. But, if you are both working, then you can discuss whether to run the household using both incomes or keep yours as savings for a rainy day. This will also give an insight to understanding how extravagant he is.

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