Importance of Kundali Matching in Weddings

Kundali matching has begun to play an integral role in weddings. There are various reasons why this is attaining significance. This kind of matching features in Vedic astrology and is the equivalent of horoscope matching. It is primarily prevalent in Indian Hindu societies and forms the basis of considering an arranged marriage proposal. The birth details of the man and the woman are the main criteria for this matching. The marriage analyzes how the astrological stars influence the marriage of the couple and if any remedial action must be taken for a blissful married life.

Factors and Composite Charts for Kundali Matching

There are eight factors that are considered when kundalis are matched. Each factor is associated with a certain number of points. The sum of the all the points of the eight factors is 36. For a wedding alliance to materialize, the sum of points should be at least 18 for the kundalis to match and proceed further. In case, the score is 28, it is said to be satisfactory. Additionally, mangal dosha is given serious consideration for kundali matching, while rashi or moon sign matching and lagna are equally important.

Composite charts play a key role in kundali matching for paving way towards a successful matrimony. However, these draw their influences from Western astrological concepts. The 12 zodiac signs in Western astrology are grouped under four categories. For kundalis to match, the zodiac signs of both the partners must belong to the same category.

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Happiness and Compatibility

One of the reasons why the kundalis must match is to ensure the happiness of the couple after marriage. Additionally, this matching gives a sneak peek into the traits of both the partners in the future. This, in turn, can provide an idea of how the life of the couple will be in the years to come. When you check for the compatibility, you will also get an insight of the challenges that you are likely to encounter. A perfect match of both the kundalis ensures that your marriage will be smooth sailing.

Marriage Longevity and Financial Stability

Kundali matching helps in determining the longevity of the marriage and how long the couple will endure a harmonious relationship. With this matching, it is also possible to get to know about the financial stability of the couple, as well as how much each person’s career will be affected.

Child Bearing

Another aspect that is given due importance in kundali matching is the ability to bear children. This is indicated by Naadi that is considered as the eighth guna in Vedic astrology. This guna highlights how likely a child will be born and problems associated with child birth if any. For child compatibility, the Naadi guna should have as many points as possible.

Overcoming doshas

Kundali matching can help ascertain if the doshas in one or both the horoscopes can be addressed by performing special poojas. These poojas can nullify the effect of the doshas that may impact the marriage. Sometimes, even when kundalis match perfectly well, poojas are advised after an in depth analysis of the couple’s stars. This is to assure a happy and hassle free married life of the couple.

In a nutshell, the importance of kundali matching is most felt when all calculations pertaining to marriage are done taking all the factors into consideration. Although done most often in case of arranged marriages, it is being recommended these days for love marriages as well.

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