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Protein Rich Foods You Should Include in Your Diet

Proteins are one of the major food groups that form an essential part of our daily diet. They must be consumed daily in the right amount for good health. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians have a wide range of easily available protein rich options that they can choose from to include as part of their diet. Proteins play an active role in body building and all round body development. It is recommended that the daily requirement is met through different protein sources rather than always opting for the same protein enriched food as part of the daily intake.

Protein rich food for vegetarians

There is a slew of choices that a vegetarian can choose based on his or her taste preferences. Among the horde of protein rich food for vegetarians that are easily available, dairy products stand at the top of the list. Mushrooms, lentils, green peas, wheat bran, almonds, cooked sweet yellow corn and whole grain bread are some other very good choices of foods enriched with protein for vegetarians.

Protein rich Indian food

Indians have many options to take their pick from to meet their daily proteins requirement. Some choices of protein rich Indian food for vegetarians are legumes, tofu or bean curd, milk, nuts, mushrooms, cucumber, and broccoli to say just a few. Common legumes used by vegetarians are kidney beans, lentils and/or pulses soybeans and chickpeas. For non-vegetarians; a few ideal protein foods comprise eggs, fish and chicken breasts. Needless to say, they can also consume vegetarian food sources.

Protein rich fruits

Fruits are more often than not a favorite among all age groups. Interestingly, there are some protein-rich fruits easily available in the market that ensures you do not miss out on this vital nutrient. Mangoes, papayas, dried apricots, pomegranates, bananas, and guavas are some fruits available almost any time of the year and provide you with a good amount of protein.

Protein rich vegetables

Just like fruits, there are many vegetables that you can consume to meet the daily protein requirements. Also, it is worth noting that most of these protein rich vegetables are often readily available in the grocery store or supermarket near you. A few of the recommended vegetables are mushrooms, sprouts, Brussels sprouts, parsleys, zucchinis, asparagus, cauliflowers and bamboo shoots.

Protein rich food for weight loss

If you are looking for food to shed off those extra pounds without compromising on your protein intake, then the best bet is to choose low carbohydrate and protein rich food for weight loss. Some of these foods include low-fat dairy products, seafood, lean meats, chia seeds, quinoa, soy, and legumes.

Protein rich food for bodybuilding

As mentioned earlier, the key function of proteins in our body is bodybuilding. There are some protein-rich food for bodybuilding in the market that is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian forms. A partial list of such foods includes cottage cheese, eggs, green peppers or capsicums, tomatoes, pork chops, and salmons.

Protein rich Indian food for bodybuilding

All the above-mentioned food products are some good examples of protein rich Indian food for bodybuilding as they are readily available in the Indian market too. Additionally, Indians can also consume daals like Toor daal, green gram daal, as well as tofu and different types of nuts.


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