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Amazing Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Once an exotic fruit, dragon fruit is becoming quite popular these days. Although priced a little on the high side, it is advisable to have the fruit as often as you can. This is because the fruit has many benefits for all age groups. Interestingly, dragon fruit is the fruit of a cactus species. The low calorie fruit is used to make wine or juice, and also as a flavoring agent for other beverages.

Dragon fruit how to eat

Going by the looks of the dragon fruit, how to eat it is likely to be a question in the minds of many of us. You can eat a ripe fruit just like how you would eat a mango. Cut the fruit lengthwise into half and use a spoon to scoop out the inside white flesh. The small black seeds are edible while the outer red skin is not. The dragon fruit tastes best when eaten cold. Some rare varieties of the fruit have red flesh matching the outside skin inside.

Dragon fruit benefits for diabetes

This cactus fruit has many health benefits for people of all age groups. Among the various reasons, one of them is the dragon fruit benefits for diabetes. The fruit is capable of assisting in the regulation of blood sugar levels and stabilizing the insulin levels in the blood for people with Type 2 Diabetes. It does this by suppressing the rise of sugar levels in the body.

Dragon fruit red

When you think of dragon fruit, red uneven thorny like skin is what comes to the mind. The pinkish red color skin on the outside gives the fruit an overall bright look. It is worth noting that eating this may cause some people to suffer from stomach ache. The red flesh fruit is not only more expensive than its white counterpart but also sweeter. Although both versions have the same nutrients quota, the amount of antioxidants is higher in the red fruit.

Dragon fruit benefits for pregnant

There are many dragon fruit benefits for pregnant women. It is a plush source of almost all nutrients that one needs during the pregnancy cycle. This includes fat, fiber, carbohydrates and Vitamin C. Additionally, as a rich source of iron, the fruit is a good choice for expecting women who are prone to be anemic. It also plays a key role in the formation of red blood cells that makes it beneficial for the fetus. The red blood cells play a vital role in supplying the fetus with nutrients and oxygen that are required for its growth.

Dragon fruit skin poisonous

A lot of statements can be found online about how the dragon fruit skin is poisonous and should not be consumed. Although it is not clearly known why it is so, the primary reason could be that it is because of the pesticides and fertilizers that get sprayed on the skin when the plant is grown.

Dragon fruit side effects

As with any fruit, eating too much of dragon fruit, side effects are likely to be experienced. While the fruit is perfectly safe for consumption, eating the outside red skin may cause stomach pain. Although not a side effect, it is worth noting that eating the red flesh fruit may cause your stools and urine to appear red in color.


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