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Health Benefits of Eating Oats

Health Benefits of Eating Oats

Oats is a very common cereal that is available in today’s market. The cereal is not very expensive and has various benefits to the human body. The unprocessed dry cereal is a rich source of many nutrients and can be used to make a slew of interesting dishes starting from a simple porridge to a delicious pancake. The flavor of the oats originates during the roasting process. Oats are available in either plain or in a variety of flavors. When buying oats, it is advisable to buy them in small quantities because they have a bit more fat content than many other kinds of cereal. This can make them rancid faster than their counterparts. Oats also plays a key role in regulating sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as provides relief from gastritis, ulcers, constipation and heartburn.

Oats benefits for skin

Among the many advantages of this wonderful cereal, one cannot fail to appreciate oats benefits for the skin. Surprising as it sounds, oats is beneficial for any kind of skin. The mild saponin content in this grain acts as a wonderful cleansing agent. Yet another of the many ways how oats do wonders for your skin is that the grain helps in forming a natural barrier for the skin to protect it from UV rays, pollution, sunburn and harsh chemicals.

People suffering from eczema can add some grounded oats to lukewarm water used for bath. This gives their skin a soothing feel. You can also grind oats into powder form and make a paste by mixing with warm water. When this paste is applied on itchy areas, you can be assured of instant relief. Alternatively, for dry skin on your face, a face pack or cleanser made with milk powder, grounded oats, lemon peel powder and turmeric powder yields really good results. You can also mash a banana into grounded oats and make a paste with lukewarm water. The coarse texture of oats makes it an excellent cereal for sensitive skin. Additionally, their anti-oxidant property does a good job on aging skin

Some of the other medical oats benefits for skin include the ability to lessen the intake of steroids for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and remove psoriasis lesions due to its anti-inflammatory nature.

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Oats benefits weight loss

Apart from skin maintenance, another of the many noteworthy oats benefits is weight loss. This is a good solution or obese or overweight people who are looking for easy ways to shed extra pounds. If you are thinking of considering oats to help you with this problem, then the foremost thing that you must keep in mind is to opt for the normal plain oats. Avoid flavored oats although they may seem tempting as they usually contain sugar. This can put your weight loss plan at stake.

Doing away with flavored oats need not put you down with the thought of having the same old plain oats every time. One of the key oats benefits is that you can have it in different ways by using various other ideas to make it tasty. For example, you can mash a banana into your oats porridge one day and on another day add a couple of egg whites while you cook your cereal. On the third day, you can cook your oats with unsweetened almond milk instead of water. The options are endless. If you prefer plain oats with a variation, add different spices each day.

Just like eating too much of anything is harmful, so is the case with oats. While oats benefits are many, there are a few side effects as well that you may encounter by eating too much of this cereal. If you are in the habit of regularly consuming flavored oats, then you are increasing the chances of getting diabetic. Similarly, raw or undercooked oatmeal can intestinal blockage. Excess consumption can cause a deficiency of nutrients leading to various ailments like fatigue, cataracts, blood clots, sleep and bone disorders, migraines and more. Also, the phytic acid in oats can hamper the digestion process.

While oatmeal by itself is free of gluten, oats are often grown in fields along with crops like wheat and barley. This may cause the oats to get contaminated and trigger gluten-related problems.     

Oats recipes

If you do not wish to eat oats as porridge, there are many simple oats recipes that you can try out. The Internet is a vast storehouse of these recipes. You can add oats to pancakes, cookies, muffins, energy bars, rice steamed cakes and just about anything.

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