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What is the GM Diet Menu and How to Follow It

What is the GM Diet Menu and How to Follow It

The GM diet is also known as General Motors Diet. As the name indicates, this diet plan was formulated by the giant General Motors to help its staff feel fit and healthy, as well as help their obese employees shed off their excess weight. This diet was formulated by General Motors in collaboration with the US Department of Agriculture and FDA. The seven-day eating plan helps to reduce as much as 10 to 17 lbs. in just one week as to up to two pounds in the same time by following other diet plans.

GM diet vegetarian

There is absolutely no restriction on who can follow the GM diet. If you are an anti-meat person, the GM diet vegetarian option is the meal plan you are looking for. Following this diet is very easy if you put your heart and soul into trying it out. Make sure you include a lot of water in your diet.

On the first day, eat all types of fruits save bananas. It is a good idea to opt for melons as much as possible. The next day, opt for all kinds of vegetables – either raw or cooked – including those that are high in starch content like potatoes. You can have the GM diet wonder soup for lunch and dinner. For the third day, make it a mix of your intake of the first two days. But, avoid potatoes and bananas.

Focus on skimmed milk and bananas on the fourth day. A minimum of eight bananas and four glasses of milk is recommended. This can be your breakfast and midday snack, while you can opt for the wonder soup for both lunch and dinner. On the fifth day, have brown rice, tomatoes, cucumbers and curd in your diet. The sixth day must be dedicated to brown rice and all vegetables of your choice except potatoes. Finally, on the seventh day, treat yourself to brown rice, fruit juices, fruits and vegetables. But, do not add sugar in the juice. Have them in their natural form.

GM diet soup

The GM diet soup is popularly known as GM wonder soup. The key ingredients of this soup are a few onions, tomatoes, carrots, a piece each of cabbage, green pepper, celery and lemon, olive oil, red chillies, salt and water. Chop all the vegetables except the lemon into small pieces. In a pressure cooker, add one teaspoon of olive oil and fry the onions till golden brown. Add the remaining vegetables and add salt and pour water till it covers the vegetables. Close the lid of the cooker and cook the vegetables for about three to four whistles. Switch off the flame and wait for five to seven minutes before opening the lid. Empty the contents into a bowl and add squeeze the juice of the lemon and add some pepper for some flavor.

GM diet plan Indian version

What makes the GM diet plan Indian version different from the standard GM diet is that it involves using only those foods that Indians usually consume. For example, in the vegetarian version, skimmed milk is replaced by yogurt on the fourth day. On the fifth and sixth days, you can additionally include paneer, soya chunks, sprouts and soy milk in your diet chart.

If you are a non vegetarian, you may want to replace beef with other options such as eggs, fish and chicken on the fifth and sixth days. However, refrain from including mutton to your food platter.

GM diet side effects

As can be seen, the GM diet is a fast-paced diet plan. Needless to say, for some people, this can occasionally result in a few GM diet side effects. You may experience muscle weakness because of bare minimum protein intake in the first few days. Dehydration and never-ending thirst are other common problems. This is why it is recommended that you increase your water intake when following this diet plan. Last but not the least, depression and headaches are also likely to take place initially till your body gets used to the new diet.


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