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Amazing Benefits of Kiwi for Skin, Hair and Health

The kiwi is a wonderful fruit that is a rich source of Vitamin C. The fruit has a brown skin and light green flesh inside with very small black seeds inside. The inside flesh is very soft and can be easily scooped with a spoon. Owing to its high Vitamin C content, the kiwi helps in building one’s immunity to a great extent. The fruit also works wonders for the skin and hair because of its excellent antioxidant content.

Kiwi for skin whitening

It might sound difficult to believe but it is possible to use kiwi for skin whitening. Making sure that you have a daily intake of three portions of the fruit can help you achieve a clear complexion. It also helps in removing the freckles from the face. There are various face packs that you can make at home using the kiwi to help you get fair and glowing skin. One simple pack you can prepare involves peeling the fruit and cut into small pieces. Soak the pieces well in a small bowl of curd. Now, blend them together into a fine paste and apply on your face. Let it stay for half an hour and wash it off with warm water. You can add a banana to this paste mixture. Alternatively, you can use lemon juice in place of curd and banana.

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Uses of kiwi fruit for health

A noteworthy point of the fruit is that the entire fruit including its seeds and outer skin is edible. There are many uses of kiwi fruit for health. As stated above, the Vitamin C content in the fruit helps to boost your immunity levels and lessen your chances of suffering from health problems such as common cold. Some other noteworthy reasons why you should eat this fruit for good health are that it helps in digestion, keeps blood pressure under control, avoids eye problems and fights heart problems. It is also a good fruit for diabetics.

Advantages and disadvantages of kiwi fruit

As with any food, there are some advantages and disadvantages of kiwi fruit that are definitely worth knowing. On the plus side, kiwi fruit plays a vital role in weight loss, as well as maintaining immunity levels, strong bones and healthy vital organs. Some disadvantages of this fruit are that it can cause allergy, diarrhea, swelling and/or and dermatitis. It is also recommended to keep off this fruit during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In some cases, it prevents the proper functioning of drugs used for medication.

Benefits of kiwi fruit for weight loss

Among the many reasons why you should have this fruit, the benefits of kiwi fruit for weight loss must definitely be mentioned. Rich as it is in various nutrients, the kiwi does not have fat and is not a storehouse of calories. Moreover, the extensive dietary fiber in the fruit helps in absorption of bad cholesterol that in turn helps in shedding off excess weight.

Kiwi hair mask

The kiwi hair mask is a wonderful way to get strong and lustrous hair without having to treat it to harsh chemicals. Mash the kiwi fruit into a pulp and mix well with a teaspoon of vodka or brandy. Apply the mixture uniformly on the hair starting at the root level. Let it remain for nearly 10 to 15 minutes before washing off with shampoo and warm water.

Kiwi fruit for pimples     

Using kiwi fruit for pimples is one of the less known uses of this fruit. All you have to do is mash a fruit and apply it tropically on your face. You can also make a juice of the fruit and add some tea tree and jojoba oils to the juice.

Kiwi fruit for hair growth

It has already been mentioned how a hair mask can be made using kiwi. Thus it goes without saying how good kiwi fruit for hair growth is. The fruit plays an important role in hydrating the hair, keeping it healthy and triggering its growth, preventing the hair from becoming rough and dry, as well as avoiding premature graying. It can also be used to treat eczema and dandruff.

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