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Amazing Health Benefits of Peanuts

Peanuts have a crunchy and nutty taste. Also known as groundnuts, this legume has a rich source of protein. They make a healthy snack and are also added to other cooked foods and salads. Moreover, peanuts are processed to produce groundnut oil that is being widely used in cooking these days. Peanut butter has also begun gaining popularity worldwide in the recent past. When consumed as a snack, groundnuts are usually had either in boiled or dry roasted form. Although often mistaken to be part of the nuts family because of the word nut in their name, they have almost the same nutritional content as other nuts like walnuts and almonds.

Benefits of peanuts weight loss

One of the benefits of peanuts is for weight loss assistance. However, this is only if you eat unsalted peanuts and in moderate amounts. Since these legumes are full of protein and fiber, eating just a few groundnuts will satiate you and keep you off from munching on other stuff. The fact that peanuts can elevate metabolic rates can help people looking for means to kick off those extra pounds. Peanuts can also help people in lessening the bad LDL and overall cholesterol levels.

Peanut benefits for hair

Of the various reasons why you should have this legume one that you should not forget is peanut benefits for hair. These legumes contain many nutrients that can help in getting you the strong and shiny hair that you wish for. Additionally, the omega 3 fatty acids in the peanuts improve the scalp health and strengthen hair follicles that are vital to hair growth. The Vitamin E makes sure that your hair gets the required moisture and prevents it from becoming brittle and dry. Peanuts also play a pivotal role in treating male pattern baldness due to the rich biotin content that prevents hair loss.

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Health benefits of roasted peanuts

There are many health benefits of roasted peanuts over their salted counterparts. As they are often unsalted, roasted peanuts do not have excess sodium content. When eaten in moderation, they help you feel full and stop you from overeating. This in turn can put you off from becoming obese. These legumes can also lessen the chances of being prone to gall stones, cancer and diabetes. However, there are online statements that these problems are less likely to occur in women who eat peanuts than men.

Roasted peanuts contain sufficient manganese in just one serving. Manganese plays a crucial role in maintaining bone health. Just one serving of this legume in roasted form gives about 29 percent of the daily requirement of manganese. The other key nutrient in roasted peanuts is niacin that it enhances blood circulation and retains the health of the central nervous system. This is quite beneficial for alcoholics as peanuts help in maintaining fairly high levels of niacin. The antioxidants level is also highest in peanuts in roasted form.

Disadvantages of peanuts

Even though this wonderful legume has many advantages, there are some disadvantages of peanuts that are definitely worth knowing. Peanuts have high calorie content and excess consumption can make you put on weight or become obese. Salted peanuts are tastier than their unsalted counterparts. Eating too much of them can increase the sodium level in the body which leads to health problems like stroke and cardiovascular diseases. They can also trigger allergies in some people that may at times be fatal.

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