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How to Increase Height fast Naturally even after 21 years

Height is very important to most people, as it is a great factor in determining your personality. Being short does not mean that a person is devoid of a good personality, but tall people find it easier to grab attention and they are generally more confident. Though genetics is one of the factors determining a person’s height, there are other factors like your diet, environment and your activities that could improve and increase the height.

Regular Exercising

A natural way to increase height is by regular exercises. It is a good idea to remain fit from childhood with regular exercise or sports. When a person is active, the body asks for more nutrients and the intake results in increased growth. The exercises could be in the form of swimming, tennis, football or basketball. The breaststroke in swimming is especially recommended for increasing height. Hanging exercises involving hanging from a bar also have a positive effect on your height.

You could also do some simple stretching exercises or yoga to increase height. There are studies proving the relation between physical activities and growth of bones in the body.

Increased Height in 1 Week

If you want to increase your height in one week, you can do exercises like hanging down using a bar or even a door bar. Increase the width of the bar thereby increasing the grip as well. Stretching the body also helps in increasing height. The chin up exercise is another remedy, where you take a chair and then hang from a door bar, keeping one foot on to the chair. Try to push the body using the foot on the chair. These types of exercises can help you increase height quickly and within a week.

Increase Height after 21 Years

If you are wondering whether it is possible to increase your height after the age of 25, it is difficult but not impossible. The hormone production in the body stops gradually and the bones become more solid making further growth difficult. However, a natural release of hormones can enable increase in height after 25 years of age.

A proper diet of vitamins and minerals with a rich supplement of calcium, iodine and phosphorus will result in better growth. Trans fats or saturated fats must be avoided and proteins and amino acids must be increased.

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Increase Height After 22 Years

If you want to increase height after the age of 22 years, regular exercise as well as yoga is the way to go. Yoga helps in correct posture, makes the body more fit and supple and stimulates the growth hormones. The Tadasana pose helps in lengthening the spine; the Bhujang pose helps maintain a long spine and increases the height.

Increase Height After 25 Years

The same difficulty will be faced after 25 years as well. However, with proper diet, exercises and stretching routines, the height can be increased even after 25 years of age. Vitamin D is important for the growth of bones, so a good exposure to sunlight, such as sunbathing during the early morning or before the evening is very beneficial.

As mentioned before, though it is difficult to increase the height after adulthood, following the above steps can help in reaping benefits of height.


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