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Benefits of Amla Juice for Skin, Hair and Health

Amla juice, as the name indicates, is a rich source of gooseberries. Thus, it goes without saying that the juice has a really good amount of Vitamin C that helps in developing overall immunity of the human body. A glass of amla juice daily also helps in keeping that radiant glow of your skin and luster of your hair alive. The juice is also a good choice for obese people who are looking out for ways to cut off that extra fat. There are various well-known brands in the market offering you their amla juice in bottles if you cannot make it at home.

Amla juice for skin whitening

One of the main reasons why this drink is becoming increasingly popular is because of the use of amla juice for skin whitening. This juice not only lightens the skin but also plays a key role in tightening, exfoliating, cleansing toning the skin. In addition, applying a little amla juice on your face periodically helps you get rid of that pigmentation which has been nagging you for long and lightening the skin.

Patanjali amla juice for hair

Patanjali has become a common brand name in the Indian market today. The brand offers a wide range of healthcare products. One among them is the Patanjali amla juice for hair. Made from safe and natural ingredients, the key advantage of using this juice is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It prevents hair fall by strengthening the hair at the root level while also retaining its original color and cutting down on premature hair graying.

Amla juice for hair growth

Just like for the skin, it is essential to have a frequent intake of amla juice for hair growth. Apart from slowing down the graying process, amla juice keeps your hair strong at its roots and also acts as an effective agent for cleansing the scalp. It is also a good hair conditioner and keeps the hair from common problems like dandruff, frizzy hair and split ends.

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Benefits of amla juice for weight loss

Obese people cannot overlook the benefits of amla juice for weight loss. The detoxifying property in the juice avoids toxins from getting accumulated in the body, which plays a major role in gaining weight. Additionally, the juice is known to act as a natural rejuvenator that in turn enhances the energy levels of the body and rehydrating it. These two factors are very essential when you work your way towards losing weight.

Benefits of drinking amla juice in empty stomach

While there are many reasons why drinking amla juice is essential, the benefits of drinking amla juice in the empty stomach cannot be understated. It is advisable to have the juice every day after diluting a little amount of the concentrate with water. This helps in all round development such as cleansing the system, retaining good eyesight, keeping hair healthy, and assisting in digestion.

Amla juice for hair massage

As stated above, there is a strong connection between amla juice and hair. Using amla juice for hair massage can do wonders for the hair to keep it lustrous and strong. Squeeze the juice of a gooseberry and add an equal quantity of lime juice to make a mixture. Apply the mixture on the scalp and let it stay for half an hour. Wash it off with lukewarm water. You can also make a hair tonic by using a combination of coconut or almond oil or a hair pack with henna.

Amla juice benefits side effects

While there are many amla juice benefits, side effects are fewer in number. Excess consumption of this juice could cause blood levels to decline. Some people may also experience abdominal cramps, hyperactivity, dry skin or scalp, and diarrhea.


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