50 Innovative and Easy Border Rangoli Designs

In this blog we see about innovative and easy border rangoli collections. This is very simple so that beginners can also draw. Border Rangoli designs are drawn along the wall, entrance, corners, pooja room and many more places according to our wish.

To add beauty to border rangoli we can add diyas, flowers, bangles, glitters, any ornaments. This is drawn during special occations, poojas, diwali, holi. Free hand border Rangoli is becoming famous nowadays.

Border Rangoli

Border Rangoli2

Border Rangoli3

Courtesy of Poonam Borkar

Border Rangoli4                                                     Courtesy of Poonam Borkar

Border Rangoli5

Border Rangoli6

Border Rangoli7

Courtesy of Poonam Borkar

Border Rangoli8

Border Rangoli9

Border Rangoli10

Border Rangoli11

Border Rangoli12

Border Rangoli14

Border Rangoli14

Border Rangoli15

Border Rangoli16

Border Rangoli17

Border Rangoli18

Border Rangoli19

Border Rangoli20

Border Rangoli21

Courtesy of Poonam Borkar

Border Rangoli22

Courtesy of Poonam Borkar

Border Rangoli23

Border Rangoli24

Border Rangoli25

Border Rangoli26

Border Rangoli27

Border Rangoli28

Border Rangoli29

Border Rangoli30

Border Rangoli31

Border Rangoli32                                                    Courtesy of Poonam Borkar

Border Rangoli36

Border Rangoli34

Border Rangoli35

Border Rangoli36

Courtesy of Menaka’s Rangoli

Border Rangoli37

Border Rangoli38

Border Rangoli39

Border Rangoli40

Border Rangoli41

Border Rangoli42

Border Rangoli43

Border Rangoli44

Border Rangoli45

Border Rangoli46

Border Rangoli47

Border Rangoli48

Border Rangoli49

Border Rangoli50

Courtesy of Poonam Borkar


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