Honeymoon Tips to Make the Day Memorable

Most often, a honeymoon takes place soon after the marriage formalities are over. This is usually the best period of married life and the newly married couple is usually left on their own. A honeymoon often gives the couple ample time to spend in each other’s company and also to get to know the other partner very well to gain an understanding of likes and dislikes. There are some simple and easy tips to follow that can make your honeymoon a trip worth remembering for a lifetime.

Focus ahead on the destination

Once the marriage has been decided, spend some time discussing with your partner about the choice of destination. Make sure it is a place both of you would like to go to. You can also make a list of things that you want to do once you are there. This can help you enjoy each moment of your honeymoon. Of course, a bit of out of the way activities won’t do any harm.

Plan a few surprises

You need not have surprises throughout the honeymoon. However, a couple of occasional surprises can keep the honeymoon alive in your memory for a really long time. This can be as simple as presenting yur better half with a bouquet of flowers that she loves the most. Or you could go for a candlelight dinner to a restaurant that serves his favorite cuisine.

Make time for ME time

While a honeymoon is definitely about being together, make sure that you do not miss out on ME time either. In the privacy of your room, spend some time you enjoy doing the most. When your partner watches a show on the television, you can catch up with reading a book you have been wanting to. This ME time also helps you to respect each others’ preferences.

Shoot photographs and videos

This is the time to capture as many moments of your honeymoon today. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Take photos or videos of just about anything that you both do such as eating together or laughing at each other’s joke.

Don’t carry valuables or excess cash

Avoid carrying too much cash or jewelry when you are on a honeymoon trip. This can leave you feeling apprehensive of how safe your assets are and in turn spoil your chances of enjoying time spent with your partner. Similarly, it is a good idea to travel as light as possible.

Stay off your cell phone and social media

A honeymoon is the time for you to enjoy with your partner. While you may carry your cell phone with you, resist the urge to peep into it often. Also, cut yourself off from the virtual world and stay off from that sneak peek into your social media accounts.

Have as much conversation as you can

Make as much conversation as you can with your partner. Discuss about your future plans, things you like in common, each other’s likes and dislikes or just about anything. This is better than silence any time.

Enjoy as much intimacy as possible

This might sound obvious but it is indeed necessary to keep the relationship in you alive in the years to come. Take time to satisfy your partner in bed as much as you can. You can take the necessary precautions if you are not planning for an early family.

Watch the sunrise and sunset together

Make it a point to step out of your room and watch the sunrise and sunset with your partner. This can be done even if you do not stay by the beach. The mesmerizing view can make you both more romantic.         

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