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Actor Ganesh Venkatram & Nisha Krishnan


Published on March 19, 2017

If Ganesh and Nisha's reception was one spectacular affair, what with ball gowns, and elite dance, their wedding was as traditional as it could get. The couple just made a 360 degree turnaround a day after next morning looking all proper TamBrahm. Wow, they rocked this look too. Every costume in the world just suits them like a glove. They look good in everything. JUST HOW. Nisha chose some amazing traditional colors for her wedding, they just worked wonderfully well with her face. She has such a TamBrahm face, maybe this is what the ancient rishis meant when they defined 'Saamudhrika Lakshanam". She would totally be that face of all the Pothys and RmKVs and Nallis combined. Oh wait, Ganesh just shouldn't go shirtless. This is very distracting, and he is married. Young girls, enough swooning. We were shooting a dream Kollywood wedding for all we knew. Good looks, and too much good looks. The video is all yours to see.