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akthi Company was established in 1978 with the sales of household appliances through monthly payment services which was followed by Sakthi Agency in 1988 Sakthi Metal Industries in 1991 Sakthi Real Estate in 1993. In 2013 the Sakthi Real Estate Company has finished assorting 41 layouts successfully. During the year 2002, they have collected 20 rupees on a daily basis and sold out half a ground for Rs.18,000 during which the rate per square feet was around rupees 15. Now the government value of the same ground has risen to Rs.4, 80,000. D.T.C.P approved sites and Panchayat authenticated lands are also being sold effectively through monthly installment as well as full cash payment. Later Sakthi Non-Woven Bags came into existence. The Non-woven bags and Fabric Rolls are being manufactured by adopting quality techniques for multi-purpose usage. All the products that we produce are eco-friendly, non-toxic and lead free. You can also get your company logo imprinted on the non-woven bags at

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