Can You Let Go of a Man You Love?

Can You Let Go of a Man You Love? 

How to let a man go if you are having a hard time? 

The feeling of falling in love inspires and changes the surrounding reality; however, if you are in love, and the opposite sex has not (yet) experienced strong feelings, you need to urgently pull yourself together! And the first thing you need to do is to get yourself together and analyze the situation and your real feelings. 

It’s all in your head 

It is in the brain that a certain biochemical reaction takes place that does not allow you to stop thinking about a person. Someone is able to control themselves immediately, while others need some time to do so. But if you understand that it will be difficult to cope on your own, it is better to go to a psychologist and work specifically with your situation. But for now, the best thing you can do is follow some general tips from psychologists. 

First, understand that this is just love, a thing you can control. If you want to understand how to let a man go, then first analyze what attracts you to him. You will recall some external qualities and attributes: strong hands, big blue eyes, a bushy beard. According to them, you draw conclusions about a person’s inner worldput various labels on him, and convince yourself of strong uncontrolled feelings for him. 

We associate many advantages with certain qualities. For example, the presence of a car indicates that a person has achieved a lot and knows how to support his family. However, in fact, it may turn out that it was because of the car that he got into debt. Strong hands are not at all proof of courage, and blue eyes are not an obligatory attribute of romantic nature. If you do not own the facts, then you can fantasize a lot about a person. Your notions and beliefs should not matter in this case. 

How to let go of a person you love? 

True love gives freedom because no one should feel like a prisoner in love. Therefore, if you experience true love for a person and they don’t seem to want to have anything to do with you – wish them well and move on with your life.  

How to let go if you nothing seems to work? 

Be sure to find yourself an occupation that will at least temporarily distracts you from thoughts about the person. You need to understand that the desire to possess them and thoughts about a particular person is your obsession. To get rid of them, do something interesting. Sport and creativity in the company of people are excellent at this. Do not stay alone with yourself. However, avoid just regular meetings with your friends, as they can turn out to be great listeners, and you need to be distracted from this topic. It will be very hard to keep your mouth shut. 

How to let a person out of thoughts? The comparison method 

Try the comparison method. It is good because it is sobering and, like a cold shower, brings you back to reality. Compare the subject of adoration with one of your ex-partners, acquaintances, attractive people from your environment, a movie star, just a random colleagueYou will immediately realize that your boring long-distance relationship wasn’t really worth it, and you should move on. You will immediately realize that the chosen one has their own flaws. This will make it easier for you to let go of them. 

How to let go? Understand that you are a self-sufficient person 

Another tip from a psychologist is to analyze your strengths and think about what the other person is giving you which you cannot give yourself? Since you are a good housewife, an interesting person, and a good well-paid specialist, is it worth it to torment yourself because of someone who, perhaps, is not worthy of you as a person? First, you need a friend, a spiritually close person and not just an object that you can blindly adore. Pay more attention to the development of your own qualities, skills, and thus, the ability to attract the right partners. 

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